Handle With Care


Its daunting enough having a child with club foot, But once the casts go on your mind instantly tells you to treat them like china ! now I’m not saying pick your buba up by the ears but don’t be afraid to hold them and play with them!

you will find everyone around you will be so delicate with them. to the point of you placing them on a friend or relatives lap and they wont make a single move! You will learn to adapt to the casts pretty quickly.


you know how they like to be held and what positions they like to sit/lay in.

Good Luck ClubFoot Parents 🙂

Windy Bubas !!


As you will already know Baby’s suffer with wind ALOT!! They normally scrunch up their little legs towards their chest to help get it out but OBVIOUSLY this is impossible when they have casts on! It can get very hard and you spend hours of your day trying to get it out of them 😦 Poor little Bubas! Well i have a few little Tips that might help.

So me and my partner have spent many Restless nights trying to help our little men out. the internet is honestly a god send !!! the normal winding positions are sitting them on your knee or popping them over your shoulder. When doing it on your knee try tipping them backwards and then sitting them up straight a few times, this can sometimes help to work the wind out. Failing that pop them on to your shoulder and rub the back as you normally would but try gently bouncing up and down at the same time ( works a treat for my two) its kind of like trying to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time so takes a bit to get use to 🙂 a lot of sites we looked at said about laying them on the floor and bending the knees up to the chest but we cant do this …. so instead we lay them on the floor and gently lift their little casted legs up and down slowly.

on the rare occasion we have been stumpped and nothing seemed to work so we decided to use a product called infacol. these are colic relief drops, you put  2 drops into bubas mouth and wait for the magic to happen. obviously its not for everyone but it worked for us.

i hope this might help a little …. or ALOT 🙂

Tenotomy Time


So the boys had their 5th casts put on yesterday and it was confirmed that they are ready for the Tenotomy operation (fri 25th)!! This operation is a cut through the Achilles Tendon near the heel. This will loosen the ligaments and tendons so the surgeon can manipulate the foot into a normal position and it allows the heel to drop down into place. This is done under a local anaesthetic. We have been told to make sure they are hungry so that while it is being done one of the surgeons can feed them to keep them calm and still (good luck). unfortunately i wont be able to go in with them 😦 but i know they are in good hands. once the operation has been performed they stitch it up with dissoluble stitches and then put on a new cast, so i wont be able to see the little cut. we will stay in the hospital for a few hours just so the nurses can check on the boys to make sure they are eating well and bowel movements are as normal …. then home sweet home 🙂

as scary as it all sounds i am looking forward too it, one step closer to boots and bars 😀

Breastfeeding …. Don’t Feel Bad !

boobie time
boobie time

Now I originally had it in my head that i would exclusively breast feed for at least a year (pfft Yeah Right) its hard enough breast feeding two hungry boys but to breast feed two hungry boys with full leg casts …. ohh no no no ! I was very pressured by some of the midwife’s, especially the ones in the hospital. ” you have to feed them at the same time, and support the heads, and make sure they don’t smother themselves in your breast …. and make sure you express so you don’t dry out” … so what your saying is i should go live on a dairy farm and connect myself up to a milking machine ? ARGH !! it was very frustrating. I lasted a month and i felt great for going that far. its not easy when your baby has a full leg cast, getting them in the right position that feels right for you and them is like impossible ! So i say do what you feel is right and don’t feel pressured into anything. your baby will feel if you are stressed and it will rub off on them, always keep cool, calm and collected (easier said than done!) but try your best and HOPEFULLY that will rub off on them too !

XoXo RosieAnn



Myself and my Fiancé were blessed with two beautiful baby boys Travis & Jack.  Our beautiful boys were diagnosed with Talipes  (clubfoot) during our 22 week scan. As you can imagine telling two 25 year old’s there there is something wrong with their first children is devastating !! We didn’t know anything about this condition at the time. We both took the news very hard, Tom especially! When being told what this condition could mean tom zoned out and only heard that is could be connected to downs syndrome or other neurological conditions … We were put in a side room to get our self’s together. A physio was sent to talk to us and explain what would happen when the boys were born and to answer our questions and help us to get closure. This blog isn’t just to tell you our story but to help you with yours. I will have tips and as much money saving advice as possible. I will also show you our boys progress along the way. We are currently 5 casts in and it’s going great 🙂

and so our story had begun….

I spent a lot of nights in tears trying to understand why both of my children had to suffer with this horrible condition, continuously blaming myself. it was very hard to come to terms with. after a while i think i just snapped in to parent mode, no matter what was wrong with my boys i was going to love them and care for the as best as i could. soooo  every scan after this me and my partner were asked if we wanted to have an Amniocentesis Test ( a big ass needle put into my tummy) this would be used to extract fluid from the sack to find our if the club foot was connected to and neurological issues, i was told having this would hold a 2% chance of miscarriage so i gave it a miss  (my personal choice everyone is different)  as i decided against this it was just a waiting game.


Our amazing Little men came into the world via c-setion (ouch!). finally they had arrived and we were over the moon !! no other underlying issues just two healthy little men with bendy feet! I’m not going to lie the sight of the bendy feet broke my heart and it took a while for me to get myself together, the thing is they don’t know any different and they don’t feel any pain because of it. the boys had so many checks while we were in the hospital just to ensure nothing else was wrong. 3 weeks down the line we went to our first appointment at Maidstone hospital for the boys assessment. they were fantastic  !!!! the boys had the worst case but the consultant was very optimistic, they were both graded 6 points on both feet ( points are the way they grade the feet 0 being fantastic and 6 being the worst ) the following week they boys had the first set of casts put on and they were so well behaved !!!!! like i said above we are now 5 casts (weeks) in and its looking great !!!!