Formal And Casted


So we had a Christening last Sunday and i had no idea what to put the boys in. finding smart trousers with poppers was hard enough and then having to find stretchy ones well it pretty much didn’t happen. i looked in M&S, Tesco, Asda, John Lewis and soo many other stores. when i finally resorted to Ebay ! I had such a result , i spotted these cute all in one formal outfits with poppers. I messaged the seller to make sure they would fit, she was really helpful i explained my situation and she assured me they would go around the casts. when they arrived i was over the moon with them. they were really soft and such good value for money. I know how hard it is to find what you need when you have a specific guide line to go by. but make sure to look around and im sure you will find what you need. You can always use the steps website for tips, the forums are a great help (link below). or even facebook pages i find people are always willing to help.

Cut It Out !!!


As B&B time approaches at the same rate as the cold weather i thought it would be a good idea to start cutting the feet out of some of the winter sleep suits and outfits. :S

my dining room is currently being redecorated so i cant get to my sewing machine, this was to be a hand crafting jobby 😦 finding the time to fit this in is really hard at the moment lol. i made an attempt on one of these but failed horribly 😦 lucky for me i have an amazing aunt who came to my rescue πŸ™‚

i don’t know it anyone else is having the same problem but i cant seem to find may full length grows without feet and with poppers in the legs !!! i see a few here and there but nothing much at all. as its a bit harder to just whip off bottoms in boots and bars and i don’t really want to keep removing the bar to change them i kind of thought poppers would be an easy solution !!

If anyone has any tips or knows of any places that have footless full length popper leg baby grown give me a shout πŸ™‚

Great News !!!


Myself Jack & Travis at Maidstone Hospital Children Out Patients Dept ❀ Our Second Home !

So Two weeks after the boys Tenotomy and we are back at the hospital for a check up and a change of cast. I was sceptical as Jack has a bit more resistance in his right foot and i was preparing myself for it to be classed as Atypical (complex) club foot :S but fortunately this wasn’t the case. after having the boys feet scored we were told jacks foot had loosened and we would be ready for boots and bars after one more set of cast πŸ™‚ i was overjoyed to hear this. i could finally feel my babies legs and see them kicking how a baby should ❀

For us this felt amazing !! our boys are growing so fast and watching them develop even with these casts is amazing! it just goes to show how amazing babies really are and how well they can adapt !

Operation Day !


My gosh what an early start ! up at 4:30 Am to get the boys ready ( Including my fiancΓ©e) and set off at 6 Am to beat the morning traffic.

When we arrived at the hospital the staff greeted us and had set us up a cot for the boys with lots of blankets and a nice big comfy chair for me and Tom. the boys were taken to have the casts removed ready to go straight up for the operation. Its honestly so strange to not have those horrible casts on, you get so use to them being there that when they are taken off you don’t know how to hold them lol. The nurse put gel patches on thy back of the boys ankles to numb the area where they would cut through. lucky for us we were first in!! i took Travis up to the theatre with a big bottle of milk for the surgeons to feed him, i laid him on the operating table and just burst into tears 😦 it was never going to be pleasant ! i then went back down to the ward and got myself a cup of coffee. it took around 45 mins for them to do the operation and recast his legs. The surgeons said he was fantastic and so calm. they had injected a local anaesthetic into his foot and he didn’t even flinch πŸ™‚


I was too shaken up after taking Travis up so tom took Jack. It took the same amount of time for Jack to have the operation and casts, Again the surgeon said he was fantastic …. but when she picked him up he brought up all of his bottle…. and then some! Hehe it did make me giggle πŸ˜€


With both boys back on the ward we changed and cleaned them down then wrapped them up and had lots of cuddles. after 2 hours of being observed Β they were happy to let us go home ! I hated the build up to operation day, i was terrified. But it was so worth it and wasn’t nearly as bad as i expected.

JUST REMEMBER; I know its daunting and you worry they will cry and scream But these people are trained to deal with this. Lots of cuddles and kisses make it all better ❀

Our First Cast Slip


So Three days before our Tenotomy Little Jack had his first cast slip!! NIGHTMARE!


The boys have had 5 sets of casts so that’s 20 casts in total. We have never had any problems but unfortunately jack had been very irritable the day of the last cast change and he didn’t enjoy having his casts put on. I messaged our physio and she told me to go straight over to the hospital to have it removed. they were ( as always) Fantastic. Jacks right foot was slightly swollen and bruised, We were advised to leave it off for 24 hours and go back the next day to have it re casted. Thankfully it went really well this time round and we had no problems.

If it wasn’t for my partner Tom i wouldn’t have noticed that it had slipped as the foot was already a bit to far up in the cast so it was hard to see.

Just a little Tip ; When you have new casts put on mark your babies toes with pen so that you can see if the cast has slipped. This way you can be 100% sure instead of constantly questioning yourself over it πŸ™‚