Operation Day !


My gosh what an early start ! up at 4:30 Am to get the boys ready ( Including my fiancée) and set off at 6 Am to beat the morning traffic.

When we arrived at the hospital the staff greeted us and had set us up a cot for the boys with lots of blankets and a nice big comfy chair for me and Tom. the boys were taken to have the casts removed ready to go straight up for the operation. Its honestly so strange to not have those horrible casts on, you get so use to them being there that when they are taken off you don’t know how to hold them lol. The nurse put gel patches on thy back of the boys ankles to numb the area where they would cut through. lucky for us we were first in!! i took Travis up to the theatre with a big bottle of milk for the surgeons to feed him, i laid him on the operating table and just burst into tears 😦 it was never going to be pleasant ! i then went back down to the ward and got myself a cup of coffee. it took around 45 mins for them to do the operation and recast his legs. The surgeons said he was fantastic and so calm. they had injected a local anaesthetic into his foot and he didn’t even flinch 🙂


I was too shaken up after taking Travis up so tom took Jack. It took the same amount of time for Jack to have the operation and casts, Again the surgeon said he was fantastic …. but when she picked him up he brought up all of his bottle…. and then some! Hehe it did make me giggle 😀


With both boys back on the ward we changed and cleaned them down then wrapped them up and had lots of cuddles. after 2 hours of being observed  they were happy to let us go home ! I hated the build up to operation day, i was terrified. But it was so worth it and wasn’t nearly as bad as i expected.

JUST REMEMBER; I know its daunting and you worry they will cry and scream But these people are trained to deal with this. Lots of cuddles and kisses make it all better ❤

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