Our First Cast Slip


So Three days before our Tenotomy Little Jack had his first cast slip!! NIGHTMARE!


The boys have had 5 sets of casts so that’s 20 casts in total. We have never had any problems but unfortunately jack had been very irritable the day of the last cast change and he didn’t enjoy having his casts put on. I messaged our physio and she told me to go straight over to the hospital to have it removed. they were ( as always) Fantastic. Jacks right foot was slightly swollen and bruised, We were advised to leave it off for 24 hours and go back the next day to have it re casted. Thankfully it went really well this time round and we had no problems.

If it wasn’t for my partner Tom i wouldn’t have noticed that it had slipped as the foot was already a bit to far up in the cast so it was hard to see.

Just a little Tip ; When you have new casts put on mark your babies toes with pen so that you can see if the cast has slipped. This way you can be 100% sure instead of constantly questioning yourself over it 🙂

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