Cut It Out !!!


As B&B time approaches at the same rate as the cold weather i thought it would be a good idea to start cutting the feet out of some of the winter sleep suits and outfits. :S

my dining room is currently being redecorated so i cant get to my sewing machine, this was to be a hand crafting jobby šŸ˜¦ finding the time to fit this in is really hard at the moment lol. i made an attempt on one of these but failed horribly šŸ˜¦ lucky for me i have an amazing aunt who came to my rescue šŸ™‚

i don’t know it anyone else is having the same problem but i cant seem to find may full length grows without feet and with poppers in the legs !!! i see a few here and there but nothing much at all. as its a bit harder to just whip off bottoms in boots and bars and i don’t really want to keep removing the bar to change them i kind of thought poppers would be an easy solution !!

If anyone has any tips or knows of any places that have footless full length popper leg baby grown give me a shout šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Cut It Out !!!

    1. Oh I’m glad you find it useful šŸ˜Š sorry for the extremely late reply!! Silly laptop decided to break on me. You are going to be nervous and it’s daunting for a while but trust me it all falls into place and it just becomes normality xx


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