Formal And Casted


So we had a Christening last Sunday and i had no idea what to put the boys in. finding smart trousers with poppers was hard enough and then having to find stretchy ones well it pretty much didn’t happen. i looked in M&S, Tesco, Asda, John Lewis and soo many other stores. when i finally resorted to Ebay ! I had such a result , i spotted these cute all in one formal outfits with poppers. I messaged the seller to make sure they would fit, she was really helpful i explained my situation and she assured me they would go around the casts. when they arrived i was over the moon with them. they were really soft and such good value for money. I know how hard it is to find what you need when you have a specific guide line to go by. but make sure to look around and im sure you will find what you need. You can always use the steps website for tips, the forums are a great help (link below). or even facebook pages i find people are always willing to help.

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