Keep The Toasty


As winter is drawing ever closer you have to remember that these little CF babies have been use to having there legs wrapped up in layers of casting so the cold never really reached them. My tip when just spending the day indoors is to use leg warmers, This makes changing little bottoms sooo much easier rather than having to remove the bar to pull down the trousers. We got a few different pairs on ebay for pennies 🙂

The First Night ….


…. Our first night in Booths and Bars was one i wont forget in a hurry …. the second night too!

i suppose it was just new to them, being able to feel the breeze on there legs and not feeling as restricted it must be strange. Me and my partner had already prepared ourselves for a sleepless night. I wouldn’t say they were terrible … not much screaming at all really, They just wanted too be held (at all times)

We had no issues during the day, they were so happy to be able to bend 😀 it took a little while for them to get use to lifting both legs at the same time lol 🙂

Just be prepared to be a little sleepy the next day … but hey when you have a baby who isn’t sleepy ?  🙂