Blister on my little Mr 😞


So we woke up to a blister on one of my little guys feet. We’ve been doing this for a while now so I knew I had done the boots up properly. I think it may have been down to the boot bashing on the side of the cot at bed time!!! I spoke to our doctor and she advised me to keep the boots off for the night to let the blister go down! Of course my little guy loved this, but what with having twins I felt bad for my little man Jack! The next day the blister had gone and we were just left with a red mark. I moisturised his feet every few hours to try and help. Now I wouldn’t advise just letting your little one have a night off ALWAYS ask your doctor. It could be a case of chubby feet and your b&b being too tight. Alot of mums and dads use corn strips and other useful things to protect the blistered area. Make sure to keep it clean and avoid infection! If you have Facebook there is a useful page called ClubfootMommas that you can refer to for more advice.


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